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As a leading enterprise service management (ESM) tool, ServiceNow optimises processes and connects organisational silos with automated workflows. Through this unified, customisable platform, you can digitise every part of your business to work faster and smarter, leaving your teams to focus on meaningful, impactful work.

What is ServiceNow?

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Unifii's Service Overview

We empower our customers with ServiceNow expertise we yearned for when we were clients. Our services have been carefully crafted to tackle key challenges we have seen time and time again.

Unifii's Service Overview

Platform Management Services

With Unifii's Platform Management Service, your business can benefit from our brand new approach by choosing the level of intervention and assistance you need to make ServiceNow your best investment.

Advisory and Strategy

Our expert team helps you and your business align your technology with your strategic goals, and deliver the tools and processes needed to support you on your transformational journey.

Implementation Services

Combine deep technical capability & industry-wide expertise with a proven implementation methodology to ensure your ServiceNow instance fits your business.

Workload Management Application

The Workload Management App is a pre-built tool available on ServiceNow’s App Store, that revolutionises task management by replacing chaotic shared inboxes and spreadsheets with one streamlined platform equipped with data insights.

License Reseller Service

Our tailor-made licensing service sets us apart from the rest, simply because we want you to get the most from your investment. We'll do the hard work so you don't have to.

Portal Design Service

Create a seamless end-user experience for your customers and employees through your own bespoke and branded portal, tailored to what services your end-users need most.

ServiceNow Platform Assessment

Unifii's ServiceNow Health Check will help you identify issues, avoid common configuration errors, improve efficiencies and accelerate upgrades.

ServiceNow Applications

The Unifii team have created a brand new suite of ServiceNow applications to help your business use the platform more effectively and bring siloed teams together, all whilst improving transparency between departments.

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The Best of ServiceNow Utah Release: New Feature Highlights

The Best of ServiceNow Utah Release: New Features Highlight.

It's time to yeehaw and celebrate because ServiceNow Utah release is finally here! But before you get too excited and rush into upgrading from your current version, our team at Unifii has been working tirelessly to make sure you're well-informed about all the best new features that come with the release. We'll provide you with an overview and suggestions on how you can fully tap into those new features.

With the Utah General Availability release, ServiceNow has rolled out a variety of new products and applications, as well as additional features and fixes for existing functionalities across different service modules. The goal is to make sure that the tool can continue to create value across your organization faster than ever with simplified experiences, purposeful automation, and improved organizational agility. So let's giddy up and ride off into the sunset with ServiceNow's Utah release!

ServiceNow Utah Release Highlights

Customer Experience 

CSM (Customer Service Management) 

  • Install base foundation 

The latest release supports the installation of base foundations for complex product models, enabling add-on products and service sales. Agents will also have a complete view of all install base data including location, install dates and open cases.  

  • Service definitions 

It allows both customers and agents to find the service they need more easily. Automatic filters will be available according to customers’ product models or case contexts to assist them in reaching the relevant service item.

  • Omnichannel call-back 

Customers can avoid queuing even when all agents are busy by requesting a call-back directly from chatbot conversations, the customer service portal, or Engagement Messenger cards. The call, via phone or zoom, can be booked for the agent’s next available slot or a later time chosen by the customer.  

Field Service Management 

  • Task bundling 

Similar work order tasks will be grouped into one trip to reduce travel costs and carbon footprint while increasing service margins. Dispatcher efficiency and workload are also expected to be improved.  

  • Intra-day schedule automation 

Tasks will automatically be rescheduled responding to real-time field updates to eliminate guesswork for dispatchers. The updated feature will ensure that schedule gaps are closed and rescheduled tasks are compliant with contractual obligations. Technicians and customers will stay informed of the latest changes.  

  • Equipment scheduling 

Dispatchers can now schedule specialised equipment for different work tasks to avoid delays due to the tools’ long pending processes.  

Technology and operating excellence 


  • Digital portfolio management enhancements 

Deeper operational insights will be provided through the integration of DevOps flow metrics, benefiting critical business decision-making. The platform interface is also simplified with mappable popular KPI groups with user portfolios. 

Enterprise Asset Management 

  • Enterprise asset maintenance 

Regular equipment maintenance schedules will be automated, streamlining tasks such as maintenance documentation for audits and inspections to lengthen the life spans of enterprise assets.  

  • Enterprise asset reclamation 

The reclamation and retiring processes will be automated upon employee turnover, with assistance to determine follow-up actions such as redeployment, repairment, retirement or disposal.  

Software Asset Management 

  • Software asset management success value builder 

Users will get visibility to Software Asset Management insights through Software Asset Workplace where they can create, assign, and track new value builder tasks.  

  • Containerised software licensing 

The new feature will be able to monitor licensing compliance of software deployed on containers and determine compliance positions for products under Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server. Remediation options will be created automatically after discovering non-compliance. 

  • Software contracts renewal calendar 

All software contracts and entitlements will be gathered into one single calendar for clear visibility on time for renewal and expiration date, allowing businesses to plan better for upcoming SaaS usage.  

Hardware Asset Management 

  • Hardware asset procurement workspace 

An integrated and centralised workspace for managing all asset procurement activities, giving users a better understanding of task progresses.  

  • Pallets for inventory 

Bulk updates are now supported by associating assets with a pallet. Information indicating the exact location of assets, such as aisle and space details can be added to the pallet for enhancing asset accountability.  

  • Asset donation workflow 

Procedures for asset donations to charities has been streamlined in Hardware Asset Workspace as a complete workflow. Users can request, approve, plan and schedule by editing tasks to donation orders. Acknowledgement documentation from charitable organisations can also be added to the system for better management.

The Best of ServiceNow Utah Release: New Features Highlight.

Automation and low code 

App Engine Studio 

  • Workplace Builder and Experience Templates 

This new tool with low-code requirements is easy-to-use even for staff members from non-tech backgrounds. They can create, preview, and edit Workspaces through the Builder feature simply by dragging the elements around, or directly choosing a suitable option from the Experience Templates collection.  

  • App Engine Management Centre 

Every application will now have its very own dashboard showing detailed insights into user experiences. Developers can adjust the app based on the results aiming for better performance and engagement.  


Now Platform 

Next Experience UI 

  • Theme builder 

It will guide you through an intuitive experience for building your very own branded themes, perfect for encouraging user engagement. Themes are also available for preview before being sent to production, facilitating minor modifications needed to fulfil branding requirements. 

  • Unified theming in mobile apps 

Besides web portals, you can also create a consistent interface for mobile applications by adopting a unified theme across all platforms. Great for improving brand awareness and constructing an impactful user experience.  

  • AI search 

Artificial Intelligence is now being employed in search functions to enable advanced features such as auto complete and typo handling, so that service delivery teams can find the information needed much more efficiently. 


And here it is, Unifii’s selection of the best new features within the Utah release. We hope that you enjoy these updated functionalities as much as we do. If you need any help upgrading to the latest version, or are simply looking for general ServiceNow advice, contact us and we will get back to you very soon! 


Written by

Julia Nikulina

Head of Delivery Capability and Content

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