What is ServiceNow?

As a leading enterprise service management (ESM) tool, ServiceNow optimises processes and connects organisational silos with automated workflows. Through this unified, customisable platform, you can digitise every part of your business to work faster and smarter, leaving your teams to focus on meaningful, impactful work.

What is ServiceNow?

What We Do


Unifii's Service Overview

We empower our customers with ServiceNow expertise we yearned for when we were clients. Our services have been carefully crafted to tackle key challenges we have seen time and time again.

Unifii's Service Overview

Platform Management Services

With Unifii's Platform Management Service, your business can benefit from our brand new approach by choosing the level of intervention and assistance you need to make ServiceNow your best investment.

Advisory and Strategy

Our expert team helps you and your business align your technology with your strategic goals, and deliver the tools and processes needed to support you on your transformational journey.

Implementation Services

Combine deep technical capability & industry-wide expertise with a proven implementation methodology to ensure your ServiceNow instance fits your business.

Workload Management Application

The Workload Management App is a pre-built tool available on ServiceNow’s App Store, that revolutionises task management by replacing chaotic shared inboxes and spreadsheets with one streamlined platform equipped with data insights.

License Reseller Service

Our tailor-made licensing service sets us apart from the rest, simply because we want you to get the most from your investment. We'll do the hard work so you don't have to.

Portal Design Service

Create a seamless end-user experience for your customers and employees through your own bespoke and branded portal, tailored to what services your end-users need most.

ServiceNow Platform Assessment

Unifii's ServiceNow Health Check will help you identify issues, avoid common configuration errors, improve efficiencies and accelerate upgrades.

ServiceNow Applications

The Unifii team have created a brand new suite of ServiceNow applications to help your business use the platform more effectively and bring siloed teams together, all whilst improving transparency between departments.

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Our experience drives your implementation’s success

We combine strong product knowledge, deep technical capability and industry-wide expertise with a proven implementation methodology to ensure your ServiceNow instance perfectly fits your business.
Implementation Service.

High-quality solutions every time

Whether your business is migrating across from legacy tools or delivering entirely new capabilities, we work closely with our clients to ensure we maximise the value ServiceNow can bring to your team.

maximise value

One platform for better employee experiences

Unifii implementations provide our clients with complete understanding and awareness of the processes and tools that can empower their business. We focus on three key areas: creating a bespoke solution for you, using data driven processes, and working as one team to achieve better results for your organisation.

Bespoke to your business

We understand the factors that differentiate our clients from each other. We adapt tried and tested blueprints to suit each client, and avoid wasting time defining basic processes.

Data driven

Our data driven processes mean that we take the time to get the initial implementation right. In doing this, we can simplify ongoing platform management for our clients and enable faster deployments in the future.

Working as one

We explore your business challenges with you. To ensure you receive the right solution, we will help to drive the decision-making process. We are the experts, and you can have the confidence to rely on us for honest guidance.

How Unifii align your goals with Implementation Services

Taking you through every necessary change so that you can perform at your very best
Step 1

Understanding your business & needs

Before we begin any form of implementation, we’ll completely immerse ourselves in your business. We’ll become an extension of your team, and get to know all of your business functions, processes and pain points.
Step 2

Proactive suggestions and advice that’s tailored to you

Once we have a clear understanding of your business, we can give you proactive suggestions and advice that’s tailored to your unique circumstances. At Unifii, we provide our clients with an unparalleled service that’s based on our in-depth understanding of ServiceNow and driven by our desire to add value, whilst removing the stress that can come with internal changes.
Implementation Service.
Step 3

Step by step implementation

Your bespoke step-by-step implementation plan will cover everything from initial scope through to go-live assistance and ongoing support. We’ll consider your business at every stage of the process and will only move ahead once you’re entirely satisfied with each step.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical implementation take?

We understand that every customer and implementation is unique and depends on a multitude of factors including the size of the business, the business objectives, amongst many other components. A typical implementation with Unifii takes around 3-4 months.

How much does a typical implementation cost?

There is no single answer for this. Lots of factors can influence the cost of an implementation, including integrations, process complexity or the number of languages that need to be supported.

For a better idea on pricing, please reach out to one of the team via our Contact Us page.

What is the difference between implementation and platform management?

With implementation, we're talking about turning concept into reality and putting your chosen ServiceNow suite(s) into action. Platform Management helps monitor your relationship with the tool moving forward, ensuring that you have the right processes in place to get the most out of ServiceNow.

For more information on Platform Management please click here.

What experience does Unifii have in terms of implementation?

The majority of Unifii have previously been client side in this area, and the knowledge of the whole team is leveraged for each project. We know exactly how to help you utilise the platform, having delivered hundreds of projects and with over 60 years of combined ServiceNow experience.

Who is usually involved on an implementation project?

This very much depends on the client's requirements, but typically Unifii will assign a project manager and technical lead, plus a business analyst to assess your process and data needs. We will then engage more people in the project as and where appropriate.

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