What is ServiceNow?

As a leading enterprise service management (ESM) tool, ServiceNow optimises processes and connects organisational silos with automated workflows. Through this unified, customisable platform, you can digitise every part of your business to work faster and smarter, leaving your teams to focus on meaningful, impactful work.

What is ServiceNow?

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Unifii's Service Overview

We empower our customers with ServiceNow expertise we yearned for when we were clients. Our services have been carefully crafted to tackle key challenges we have seen time and time again.

Unifii's Service Overview

Platform Management Services

With Unifii's Platform Management Service, your business can benefit from our brand new approach by choosing the level of intervention and assistance you need to make ServiceNow your best investment.

Advisory and Strategy

Our expert team helps you and your business align your technology with your strategic goals, and deliver the tools and processes needed to support you on your transformational journey.

Implementation Services

Combine deep technical capability & industry-wide expertise with a proven implementation methodology to ensure your ServiceNow instance fits your business.

Workload Management Application

The Workload Management App is a pre-built tool available on ServiceNow’s App Store, that revolutionises task management by replacing chaotic shared inboxes and spreadsheets with one streamlined platform equipped with data insights.

License Reseller Service

Our tailor-made licensing service sets us apart from the rest, simply because we want you to get the most from your investment. We'll do the hard work so you don't have to.

Portal Design Service

Create a seamless end-user experience for your customers and employees through your own bespoke and branded portal, tailored to what services your end-users need most.

ServiceNow Platform Assessment

Unifii's ServiceNow Health Check will help you identify issues, avoid common configuration errors, improve efficiencies and accelerate upgrades.

ServiceNow Applications

The Unifii team have created a brand new suite of ServiceNow applications to help your business use the platform more effectively and bring siloed teams together, all whilst improving transparency between departments.

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San Diego Highlight Reel: The Best of the Rest

Aaaand we’re back! 

Strap in for part two of all the best bits from the ServiceNow San Diego release. This time we’ll be going through Customer Service Management, Field Service Management and Strategic Portfolio Management - keep reading to hear about the latest enhancements and applications on offer to your ServiceNow investment. 


CSM (Customer Service Management) 


Order Management 

  • Order Management is a brand new CSM application released by ServiceNow for the San Diego release. Working alongside the Product Catalogue, Order Management allows customers to easily request products and services, while agents can seamlessly navigate between cases, orders and other relevant records to fulfil the order quickly and painlessly. 


Configurable Workspace Enhancements 

  • Workspaces are now more customisable than ever! As part of the Next Experience, agents can now setup their lists to show exactly what they need on a personal level. The Next Experience workspace offers a modern and clean looking user interface, along with a Dark Theme.  

  • Agents can also now see exactly how much time they’ve spent on a case by adding Time Worked to their configurable workspace form. 


Language Detection 

  • When a case is raised, the new Dynamic Translation plugin can use machine learning to automatically detect the language used in the short description and description. Then, the tool can assign the detected language as a skill. Working in tandem with Advanced Work Assignment ensures the case is assigned to an agent who is proficient in that language. This makes the Case Management process much easier and more comfortable for both customers and agents. 


FSM (Field Service Management) 


New look and visual experience 

  • Field Service Management and Dispatcher Workspace have a cleaner, more modern look and feel, making the overall experience smoother. 


Soft booking 

  • FSM has a new soft booking system, which allows dispatchers to design optimal scheduling solution and implement so the work order tasks are automatically moved from the “Scheduled” state to the “Assigned” state. In addition, dispatchers are able to use the new “Scheduled” state in between “Ready to dispatch” and “Assigned” states, in order to manually schedule work order tasks without automatically notifying the agents. 

  • Field service agents straight away receive notifications on their work order tasks when dispatchers confirm work assignments. 


Dispatcher Workspace enhancements 

  • A sleek new visual design has been included in order to support the new modern theme for components – users can now enjoy viewing maps in dark mode, too. 

  • Dispatchers can filter resources in the calendar view. 

  • Telemetry and usage tracking make monitoring configurable workspace usage coherent and harmonious. 


Contractor Management enhancements 

  • Additional internal managers can now onboard and remove resources for contractor companies, and also easily review their compliance reports from the contractor dashboard. In a similar vein, additional external contractor managers for contractor companies have heightened control over their workforce and task assignments. These managers can also easily cover in the case of another one being absent. 

  • View contractor group in the technician’s card list and assign tasks to contactor companies using Dispatcher Workspace. It is also easy to see the percentage of capacity that has been booked out of the total reserved capacity for each contractor company. 


Crew Management enhancements 

  • Crew Management now supports dynamic scheduling for work order tasks that require crews, has the ability to drag and drop tasks to crew entries in Dispatcher Workspace, and can view locations on a map while dragging and dropping tasks to crews. 



SPM (Strategic Portfolio Management, previously ITBM) 


Enhanced planning and tracking 

  • The new Alignment Planner Workspace allows you to maximise your outcomes to a greater extent. Users can create and track milestones at the work item level for projects and demands to focus on outcome.  


Digital Portfolio Management 

  • With Digital Portfolio Management, users can holistically manage services and applications through their full lifecycles and one unified workspace. 


More efficient resource planning and increased visibility 

  • User experience is smoother with new date range filtering to set resource duration and advanced resource pagination. 

  • Under Project Workspace, you can drive project manager productivity with a purpose-built workspace and provide a modern and intuitive UI to define, plan, and manage teamwork. 

  • Common service data model (CSDM) alignment allows users to increase visibility for all products across the board, providing a framework and guidance on managing shared data across the entire Now Platform. 


If only the Californian sun was an exciting new feature too... 

If you’d like to know more about how Unifii can help you upgrade to San Diego, or how to extend your use of the platform, please get in touch with one of the team here.


Written by

Julia Nikulina

Head of Delivery Capability and Content

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