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Unifii's Service Overview

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What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained

Updated: 15th Feb, 2024
What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.

Here at Unifii, we’ve been closely tracking the evolution of reporting and analytics within ServiceNow, while actively contributing to the design and functionality of the new features. We’ve previously discussed and showcased some of them through our blog and webinar, feel free to check them out before moving on to the next stage. 

With ServiceNow aiming to migrate all customers to the new Platform Analytics Experience by the Zurich release in Q4 2025, this is the opportune moment to start planning and strategize how your organisation can smoothly transition from traditional reports, PA widgets, and Dashboards to the new suite of Platform Analytics tools. 

A recap on ServiceNow’s Platform Analytics Experience

Platform Analytics is the new umbrella term for all things reporting and analytics in ServiceNow. The Tokyo release set the stage by introducing the “Platform Analytics Workspace” where you can explore new features such as Next Experience Dashboards and Data Visualizations. These features have since evolved further in each subsequent release. 

Previously, ServiceNow’s analytics solution revolved around Reports, Responsive Dashboards, Interactive Filters, and Performance Analytics, with each of these functionalities directly aligned to the Core UI/Classic Experience. These features, however, are undergoing a transformative shift with the introduction of Next Experience, paving the way for a new, ground-up approach to analytics functionalities.

Data Visualisations - A direct replacement for Classic Reports and PA Widgets.

What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.
Next Experience Data Visualisations

Workspace DashboardsA direct replacement for Responsive Dashboards 

What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.
Next Experience Dashboards

Unified FiltersA direct replacement for Interactive Filters 

What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.
Unified Filters

The Migration Timeline 

In February 2024, ServiceNow issued an advisory notice to customers to help spread awareness of actions that needed to be taken by the Zurich release in 2025. The roadmap plan charts a clear path toward embracing the new Platform Analytics Experience and ultimately spells out the inevitable demise of Core UI reports and dashboards, marking the dawn of a new era.

What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.
Platform Analytics Experience Migration Path

What does it mean to your instance? 

  • Washington – With the introduction of the Platform Analytics Migration Center, customers eager to move towards Platform Analytics Experience can now do so and migrate their existing reports and dashboards to the new interface. Once migrated, all non-admin users will be required to use the converted content and the new functionality. Whilst no Core UI Reporting assets will be deleted, they will be restricted to admin-level access only. 

  • Xanadu and Yokohama – For new customers going live on these versions, Platform Analytics will be their default and non-admin users will have no access to reports and dashboards at the outset. Existing customers will have the option to migrate their content and opt-in to Platform Analytics through the Migration Center. Alternatively, they can continue using the legacy features until the Zurich release. 

  • Zurich – Upon upgrading, reports and dashboards will be automatically migrated to Platform Analytics. Organisations will need to fully adopt the new features by this point at the latest, marking the completion of the transition process. 

Washington Migration Features 

Two key features in Washington related to the migration: 

  • Migration Center 

The feature enables customers to opt-in and migrate reports and dashboards to Platform Analytics. It facilitates system administrators to work with report, dashboard and performance analytics admins to migrate content and review migration success. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to trial the migration process with selected brand-new dashboards, before committing to the full migration. 

What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.
Once the system administrator clicks the ”Start Moving” button, ServiceNow will initiate an automated process that convert classic reporting assets into migrated versions using the new Platform Analytics assets.
What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.
If any content cannot be fully migrated, you’ll have the opportunity to review and remediate relevant issues, or you can choose to leave them in compatibility mode. For dashboards, compatibility mode means that any reports or widgets unable to migrate will continue to be displayed within an iframe component, essentially providing a viewport of your original content embedded within the new interface. After completing your review and when you’re ready to fully adopt Platform Analytics Experience, you can click the “Activate” button to make it default, hiding the classic experience from non-administrative users.
  • New Platform Analytics Access from the Unified Navigation Menu

Accessing analytics content will be much easier through the Unified Navigation Menu, instead of navigating through Platform Analytics Workspace, which will be removed from the Washington release. Your team will be able to quickly search for the functionality you need from a single menu, streamlining the user experience.  

What’s New in ServiceNow Washington Release? Platform Analytics Experience Migration Explained.
Platform Analytics Access from the Unified Navigation Menu

Whilst this article focuses on the migration to the new Platform Analytics Experience, it’s worth noting some additional features are introduced in the upcoming release: 

  • Proactive Analytics – The new feature enhances decision-making by delivering automated insights and predictive alerts in context via dashboard cards. It will be built upon KPI signals and require a Performance Analytics license. 

  • Proactive Analytics Workflow triggers – Flow Designer now supports automated workflows triggered by proactive analytics events. 

  • New Pareto visualization - A fresh addition to the data visualisation options.  

For more details and further changes, check out the ServiceNow Washington release notes here.  

What should you do now? 

For organisations currently relying on ServiceNow reporting to inform decisions, it’s crucial to carefully consider the timing and approach for migrating to Platform Analytics Experience. 

Businesses might vary in terms of their reporting needs, with some having limited reporting overseen by the central teams, and others with extensive volumes of reports and dashboards, as well as a large number of self-service users. Whatever your situation is, all existing content should be considered for migration at the latest by the Zurich release in September 2025, though waiting until then isn’t recommended.   

Organisations putting off adoption to the last moment risk increased overheads and may encounter difficulties in re-educating users within a short space of time. We suggest taking steps along the journey starting now to ensure a smooth migration while winning the hearts of your reporting communities. 

Whilst the Migration Center offers a comprehensive experience, a completely seamless migration of existing reports and dashboards is not guaranteed, which is when remedial action may be required. To give an example, although Migration Center provides a compatibility mode for non-migratable content, you may find it easier to recreate relevant content directly within Platform Analytics Experience due to various limitations restrained by the compatibility mode.  

Housekeeping should play a significant role in your organisation's migration process, and right now is the ideal time to clean up your environment. Keep in mind that the migration process will encompass every single report and dashboard in the system. If, for instance, you have 10k reports that were all created 3 years ago by people who have now left, it may be wise to consider cleaning up rather than consuming time and effort to migrate them all to Platform Analytics.   

Training should also play a big part in your planning. Once you’ve opted-in and switched to the new suite, will your self-service users understand where to access and how to use the new functionalities available? 

At Unifii, our dedicated Analytics and Reporting practice, coupled with our Platform Management expertise, understand the intricacies involved in a reporting migration. Therefore, we offer services aimed at mitigating key risks and minimising disruption. 

Whether you need advisory services to provide recommendations and assistance with migration planning, a housekeeping assessment of your current environment, or simply some help in managing your migration process throughout its lifecycle, we’re here to help. Get in touch today for a free initial consultation


Written by

Mike Turner

Analytics Lead (Principal Consultant)

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