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Talkdesk achieves greatness through investment innovation

Technology has had to quickly adapt to more employees having to work from home, with cloud software usage growing. Talkdesk have seen rapid growth in recent months, providing a solution to keep businesses going through this unprecedented time.

Solutions like Talkdesk have been vital in ensuring business continuity with good customer service. The Talkdesk platform provides a unique and reliable cloud-based contact centre where customer service agents can be as effective from their homes as they would have been if still in the office. 

Talkdesk have been announced as winner for the Best Contact Centre Platform and finalist for the most innovative product in the UC Today 2020 Awards. They’ve also recently announced Series C funding of $143 million, allowing Talkdesk to continue with global expansion and enable additional investment into other key areas for the business.

“The global pandemic has fuelled the importance of customer experience for business continuity. Talkdesk provides an innovative CX platform and solutions to help every organization provide the best possible and amazing customer experience,” said Mark Smith, chief executive officer and chief research officer, Ventana Research. “Our recognition of Talkdesk to receive the Ventana Research Digital Innovation Award in CX for 2020 is yet another example of the investment in innovation. The growth and funding is testament to the confidence and trust in the brand by customers and partners who have committed to Talkdesk.”

Earlier this year Talkdesk launched 20 new products for the CX cloud end-to-end solution. These solutions are just the start of their product development plans helping customers to grow with Talkdesk platform. 

We are really excited to be partnering with Talkdesk. To find out more about the Talkdesk platform, check out this link.

If you’re interested in using the award-winning Talkdesk then book in a demo today by contacting the Unifii team by dropping us an email on or giving us a call here


Written by

Michael Campbell

Head of PMO

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