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3 Ways the Public Sector Benefits from Efficient Company Workflows

As public sector budget cuts continue to bite, leaders are looking for new ways to unlock efficiencies, and they are turning to enterprise workflow platforms.

UK productivity has suffered in the COVID-19 pandemic, falling by 7.9%, with the public sector recording the largest fall since records began. Providers need to adapt and embrace innovations to continue to deliver essential services.

By adopting new processes and introducing workflow management systems that have been tried and tested in the private sector, public sector organisations can improve productivity and lower costs. At the same time, they can transform the customer experience. 

In this article, we highlight three ways your public sector organisation can benefit from more efficient company workflows.


Improving workflows

Managing change in the public sector is complicated. A variety of stakeholders all need to play their part in transforming processes.

The Institute for Government believes there are four critical dimensions to successful public sector efficiency projects:

  1. Good organisational leadership; 

  2. Solid information on customers and costs; 

  3. A willingness to experiment (and fail); and

  4. A steady flow of ideas and information about what works from frontline workers, service users and communities.

To break free from siloed working, leaders must be brave and committed. They must change both processes and people to unlock the benefits. 


If they can do so, here are three ways that public sector organisations can benefit from improved processes and workflows:

  1. Cost savings

Workflow platforms are more efficient, which can result in significant cost savings.

They can democratise data, ensuring every individual, team, department and directorate has the information they need to operate. This can smash organisational silos, streamline operations and save money. Processes are streamlined and simplified, improving communication and powering collaboration.

Giving management teams access to real-time information enables them to monitor performance and manage resources, keeping them in control while cutting costs.


  1. Improved staff morale

Improved communication and more efficient workflows can have a dramatic impact on staff morale. Access to the data they require to perform their role can free them from frustrating tasks.

Workflow platforms can save employees significant amounts of time by removing them from manual tasks, annoying administrative tasks and time-consuming work.

This frees them up to focus on more complex, challenging and rewarding work that increases satisfaction and engagement. Across organisations, the impact can be huge.


  1. Happier citizens

Workflow solutions that provide better data visibility and more efficient operations enable service providers to resolve issues more quickly. 

If a member of the public experiences a problem, workflow platforms provide transparency, keeping the customer in control. They can experience visibility of their case, query or complaint and its journey through the system.  

Information is power, and transparency can improve the end-user experience. It can also reduce the number of calls and contact, as the information is easily accessible.

The result is happier citizens and happier staff.


Transformation in the public sector can be tough, with significant barriers to the introduction of new processes, systems and solutions - but change is crucial. At Unifi, we work in partnership with public sector clients and teams to help them invest in innovation. 

We develop new solutions that involve, engage and inspire customers, staff and stakeholders. Budgets are under pressure like never before as organisations adapt to the new normal. Investment in innovation is vital to continue to deliver services while adapting to the ‘new normal’. Contact us to learn more.


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Written by

Myles Molloy

Sales & Commercial Director

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