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The very best of 2021 at Unifii

2021 has been a year of development, learning and readjustment for many businesses thanks to the ongoing fallout from the pandemic. We'll be taking you through some fun memories and notable achievements that Unifii was lucky enough to experience throughout the year - we are very aware of how fortunate we are and want to celebrate that!

Company Growth

Probably the most notable of all is the fact that we have grown by almost a third terms of staffing. Our UK offices had 33 new recruits in total, while our Dublin office had two and our Indian office had nine. We are genuinely thrilled about this and are looking forward to continuing this trajectory - in a time where so many organisations have struggled, to have had the scope and opportunities to expand and develop our business at such a brilliant pace is something we are feeling very blessed for.  

Our summer party at the beginning of August was a significant event, as it was the first proper gathering that we were able to host since the first lockdown back in March 2020. Not only did the party allow us to be with people we hadn’t seen in months, but we were able to meet many of our new team members in person. The party took place at the HAC (Honourable Artillery Company) in London. 

More recently we hosted our annual Christmas party, with an incredible night on the 42nd floor (Landing Forty Two) of the Leadenhall Building in London, and the views were spectacular. 

In terms of business, we are thrilled to say that we have worked with leading retail brands, IT providers and financial services organisations over the course of 2021. We’ve delivered some hugely successful and impactful projects that mark significant progress from last year, and again this is something we only see growing in 2022. We thank all of our wonderful customers, old and new. 

New App Programme

We also worked on our ServiceNow Apps Programme. We now have two apps live on the ServiceNow store, our Citizens Requests Management app and our Sales Management app. The former provides local authorities and health organisations with a system to efficiently manage citizen requests for services, while the latter gives businesses a simple way of tracking their sales process from pipeline through to resourcing. We actually sold one of these apps to a client before it was even live. These are the first of several applications that Unifii are looking to bring out; we currently have Recruitment Tracking and Integration Engine apps in production amongst others, which will be live next year - watch this space! 

Irish Office Expansion

Our Irish entity was incorporated in February 2021, so we are now one of the few ServiceNow partners with an official Irish presence! 

“After meeting up with Myles and Paul at a ServiceNow event in Dublin back in 2018, I proposed Unifii’s expansion to Ireland, with me being the captain of that ship. To my delight they were on board with the idea, as were the directors Mike and Steve. 

Three of our fab Irish team members visiting the London office

Covid did happen, of course, but that didn’t hold us back. In 2020 I found my first shipmate, and we have now expanded to become a crew of five – and we don’t plan to stop there either! As restrictions began to ease, our London and Edinburgh offices could finally meet the new Irish team. One thing we’ve always said at Unifii is the famous line from Jaws, ‘we’re gonna need a bigger boat’ - at this point it’s looking like a whole cruise ship will be needed!” - Andrea Wallace, Head of Ireland 

Our Edinburgh office has seen significant growth, too. "Restrictions have been tighter in Scotland than our London office, but that hasn't stopped our progress. By early January we will be up to 20 people in the Scottish office! This is so important to us - at the end of the day, everyone buys into people, and our core principle at Unifii is to have a positive company culture. One of the exciting things about finding so much local talent is that we'll soon be needing a bigger office..." - Paul Donnelly, Operations Director & Head of Scotland

“A key target for India this year was to hire talent across all levels of software development. We are now a team of 25 people, working in a brand new, bigger office. We were also able to strongly embed the India team into the global Unifii team in terms of our delivery and ways of working – we're looking forward to providing more amazing services for our customers next year.” - Rakesh Kaki, Head of India

India team after hours

Our main aim for 2022 is to continue partnering with businesses who are new to ServiceNow, and who need a trusted partner to help them with their goals. There will be challenges in the new year that we are looking forward to approaching, such as the ever-changing professional landscape and companies continuing to adapt to hybrid working. We are so excited to grow our team even more and continue to make waves globally, helping organsiations to get as much value as possible from their tech investments. 

We wish everyone the happiest of Christmases – see you all in 2022! 


person smiling at the camera.

Written by

Steve Mamelok

Managing Director

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