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Employee Spotlight - Alice Winchester

In our new series of Employee Spotlights, you get to meet our brilliant Unifii team members! This month we meet Alice, who has been in the Unifii family for almost a year - read more to hear about her journey!


Meet Alice Winchester:

Hello! I’m Alice, I have been a Consultant Analyst at Unifii’s London office for 1-year next week. My previous experience was primarily customer experience focussed; I worked in a variety of roles with the same firm for over nine years. I was also working for an immigration firm in Australia when the Covid begun, so that was a very interesting introduction to the pandemic!


How did you become interested in the industry and how did you stumble upon Unifii?

Having graduated in 2019 and being one of the unfortunate gap year takers whose travels were cut short, I was looking for a career in an industry that I knew would continue to grow throughout my lifetime no matter what challenges arose. Tech ticked all the right boxes! I was referred to Unifii by a great friend of mine from university and was extremely nervous after the interview, so I know it was a role I really wanted!


What do you enjoy the most about working at Unifii?

The people! Everyone has been incredibly friendly and helpful. I joined while we were expanding at a rapid pace and working from home so I was apprehensive about making friends, but I could not have been made more welcome. During my first week my diary was full of introduction meetings and since then, the social team have been busy getting us all involved in activities! We recently completed a virtual walk to our India offices, having completed a tour of the UK offices, to raise money for St Mungo’s.


What has been the most exciting project you have worked on in your time here? 

Last week I was involved in a go-live for a project I had read about on the news, which was incredibly exciting! Really, every project is exciting, it’s been fascinating to see how ServiceNow plays a role in organisations I have had an interest in for years. I always look forward to working with new clients and understanding how their organisation works. Some of my time is spent on an internal project, which has been a great way to get to know more people at Unifii.


Did your working life change much as a result of COVID-19?

I joined Unifii mid-pandemic, which was a shock to the system for someone who has always worked in offices, retail and hospitality. Really, the biggest change has been finding a way to socialise with colleagues online, but the social team at Unifii did a great job. Now we are allowed back in the office we have been making use of the local bars and restaurants! 


How do you see yourself growing in the next few years?

Unifii have been fantastic at encouraging my development, so all I know is that in a few years I will have grown enormously! Not to get ahead of myself, I have an exam booked in for next month. I better pass that before I start promising too much…


What do you do in your spare time?

Recently I’ve been making the most of weekend trips away in England and exploring London. I am really enjoying learning about the history of different towns and cities, and it’s helping me cope with my lack of a holiday abroad! I walk where I can and avoid public transport wherever possible, which allows me to explore all kinds of places. However, this summer I have found myself purchasing lots of umbrellas and waterproofs!! Typically, I enjoy exercising, socialising, and travelling.


Keen to join the team? We're always interested to hear from ambitious and enthusiastic individuals looking to work for a company that will value and challenge you, see our open vacancies here.


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Alice Winchester


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